About Travelteq

Our goal is simple: to change the travel luggage industry. Whether you're an urban explorer or business traveler, we want to make life on the move easier, more comfortable and beautiful.


About us

Nice to meet you

Meet Travelteq: a group of avid travelers, gadget freaks, creative rebels, thrill seekers and passionate cooks based in Amsterdam. And although our friends might say otherwise, we think we know what we're doing.


The perfect product

Finding the perfect product

We had a hard time finding a bag that met up to our standards: a timeless and luxurious briefcase that doesn't just look good, but is functional and fairly priced too. So we decided to take matters into our own hands: bringing you functional luxury without breaking the bank.


Our culture

  • Customers first, always and forever The best part of our job? Meeting you. We have one golden rule at Travelteq: spot a (wo)man on the move carrying a Travelteq bag? Greet them by saying 'I love you'. Trust us: it's a great conversation starter. Didn't run into one of us yet? Please share your feedback and ideas. Many Travelteq products have been created with input from our customers.

  • Indomitable entrepreneurship We love the thrill of trying new things, just as much as we love to travel. Therefore we encourage entrepreneurship throughout the whole company: from IT to Marketing and Product Design.

  • Driven by passion We're passionate about everything we do. This drive is not only reflected in our products, it's embedded in our culture. We're quite famous for our Italian lunches. Prepared every Friday by one of our talented designers. In the neighborhood? Feel free to join!

  • Aim high It's ok to make mistakes. And believe us, we've made some. Always try and aim high. It's the only way to learn, grow and improve.

  • How we do business Let's be honest; making money is great. But it's about so much more than that. We're dedicated to offering you exceptional value for money by always challenging the norm and being transparent about it.


Love business

Building the best workplace

Remember we said to always try and aim high? Well, we want to create the best workplace on earth. Where work is fun, innovation is encouraged and the coffee is fresh. And we're on the right track. Want to join our team?