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  • Europe's coziest Christmas markets

    Europe's coziest Christmas markets

    Christmas is just around the corner. The streets of Amsterdam have already been decorated with Christmas lights, the "pepernoten" are for sale and it's time to plan out this year’s presents for friends and family. To get in the right mood for the festive period, what could possibly be better than sipping mulled wine in some of Europe's coziest Christmas markets? Here’s a round-up of a few of our favorites...

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  • The world’s highest top-ranking bars

    The world’s highest top-ranking bars

    Drinking top quality cocktails, vintage wine or fine barrel aged whisky is a luxury, made more luxurious still when sipped atop some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. The sky is the limit (and beyond) for these stratospheric bars that serve up delicious drinks paired with awe-inspiring views. Here’s the top of the top:

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  • Best business lunch spots: Hong Kong

    Best business lunch spots: Hong Kong

    It’s a city whose heart is a global epicenter, its skyline is infamous and money, success and innovation flows through Hong Kong as an energizing fuel. Business deals get made here like Dim Sum gets eaten (frequently), so if you stationed out in Hong Kong and need to impress and out of town client, or you're an out of town client wanting to seal that deal impressive local knowledge, here are 3 best business lunch locations in the city center.

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  • Best ski resorts to visit in summer

    Best ski resorts to visit in summer

    Slopes freshly blanketed with powder, iconic mountains, cosy fireplaces and crystal clear lakes are what many renowned ski resorts are best known for, but once the snow melts they come alive – whether its outdoor adventure sports or a relaxing escape, the mountains make the perfect setting. Strewn with biking trails, hiking routes, rivers, lakes and gondolas, these resorts are among the best to visit in the summer months:

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  • The Monocle guide - Amsterdam

    The Monocle guide - Amsterdam

    The Monocle, a magazine-turned-curator of global affairs, business, culture, and design, has just published a new addition to their travel guide series – The Monocle Guide, Amsterdam.

    The guidebook reveals the cities best spots for retail, eating and drinking, as well as what to see and where to explore. They also famously feature detailed design and architecture pages that give the travel guides their unique personality. And, featured within the book under must-have Dutch design, is Travelteq, blazing the way for iconic luggage that is designed to elevate your life on the move in all it’s cognac colored leather glory.

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  • The app that turns your phone into a tour guide

    The app that turns your phone into a tour guide

    Designed for the modern frequent travelers who aims to lose themself without getting lost, GPS My City enables you to access maps, articles, self-guided walking tours, and tips and tricks offline from your phone in over 750 cities. It is the first (and only) comprehensive GPS powered encyclopedia, meaning no more extortionate roaming phone bills when discovering a city when on a business trip, or traveling on vacation.

    GPS My City is intuitive to use and tailors a personalized tour guide feel, utilizing GPS-location enabled content with its navigation technology. Resulting in maps, coordinates, and places recommended by the local authors, travel writers and bloggers that create its content. It’s updated constantly and is a freely downloadable for iOS and Androids, making it an asset when exploring a new city at your own pace.

  • The most incredible offices in the world

    The most incredible offices in the world

    The trend is evolving from isolated desks in cubicle offices to innovative spaces that encourage collaboration and feature communal perks like coffee rooms, glass walled meeting rooms, cafes, lounges, and games rooms (really). Modern offices reflect the cultural shift from 9-5 clock in-clock out mentality to a fluid 24/7 work-life blend. Some of the world’s most incredible offices push design as well innovative concepts toward productivity.

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  • Treehotel


    Getting back to nature doesn't have to mean getting back to sub-par accommodations. The Treehotel offers seven unique treehouses, each built with an eye on sustainability. They include a mirrored cube, a UFO-shaped room, and a bright red building strangely named The Blue Cone. The latest addition is the aptly-named 7th Room, designed by Snohetta and featuring multiple rooms centered around a netted terrace, furthering the treehouse feel. Apart from the modern interior designs, the hotel also offers a tree-based sauna and hottub, various outdoor activities, and easy access to the restaurant in nearby Harads, Sweden.

    Source: Uncrate

  • Meet our new designer... Merel

    Meet our new designer... Merel

    What was your last city trip?
    1 month ago, I visited Antwerp with 6 good friends for a weekend full of shopping, drinks and good food.

    What are your best-kept secrets for smart traveling?
    Make a list of necessary items that you don’t want to forget! There are always items I forget, if I won’t write them down. The moment you think of packing something essential, pack it immediately or write it down. If you wait, you will forget.

    Favorite beach destination? 
    I really enjoyed the beach life in Valencia, Spain, because of the smooth transition from the urban environment into the relaxed stretched out Beach Boulevard.

    Favorite cold weather destination?
    Definitely Norway, because of the breathtaking fjords and the endless natural beauty.  

    How do you get through a long haul flight?
    Prepare yourself with lots of magazines and be sure to book a flight where you are able to watch cheesy blockbusters continuously. And never forget your headphones!

    Which product can you not go without during your travels?
    A thin cotton scarf is one of the most useful travel accessories. You can use it as a blanket during your flight, or as a pillow on a long bus trip. It’s also functional for sun protection on long walks in the heat, or as shoulder coverage when you are visiting religious places and you need to be dressed properly.

    What is your favorite Travelteq product?
    The leather tech pouch is my ultimate favorite, because I am always struggling with my charger cable and headphones. Now I’m able to neatly organize my tech accessories and carefully carry them with me.

    Favorite restaurant in Amsterdam?
    Louie Louie on Linaeusstraat in the East. The mixture of tasty Mexican tapas and good cocktails makes you want to spent the whole night there...

  • Vi Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

    Vi Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

    Working out with a personal trainer to guide you is generally better than going it alone. The Vi Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer gives you the same benefits as a real trainer in a device that fits around your neck. Using sensors in the neckband, attached earphones, and your smartphone, it knows your elevation, heart rate, cadence, speed, and location, and gives you voice feedback as you workout. It also responds to your voice commands, and since the earbuds were developed in collaboration with Harman/Kardon, they sound great, too.

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