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  • In it for the long haul: 10 tips to make flying more comfortable

    In it for the long haul: 10 tips to make flying more comfortable

    Going places requires travel. And travel itself isnt always comfortable. But the seasoned traveler knows how to turn necessity into virtue. With these ten tricks of the traveling trade, youll make your next flight ever so much more enjoyable. Continue reading

  • When in Amsterdam…

    When in Amsterdam…

    The big V’Day is coming and you’re not sure yet where to go to make that night special? Here is the ultimate guide to help you dazzle your Valentine. Continue reading

  • Meet the designers

    Meet the designers

    One is Italian, the other is French. Both have worked for renowned fashion brands. Meet Marco Censi & Guillaume Hinfray, collaborating on Travelteq's next collection. Continue reading

  • Treat your leather right

    Treat your leather right

    Much like a fine wine, leather gets better with age. But too much use and exposure can make leather go from beautifully worn to worn out. Here’s how you keep your leather in top condition. Continue reading

  • The most wonderful time for a trip

    The most wonderful time for a trip

    No matter how many miles you’ve clocked up over the years, there’s nothing quite like getting off a plane in a different season than the one you took off in just hours earlier. The welcoming rush of hot air when the cabin doors are opened in warmer climes. That all too familiar cold as you come home from far off places in the middle of winter. We’ve become so used to flying all over the world, we hardly stop and think about the marvel of it anymore. Continue reading

  • Do you want to design the ultimate travel bag?

    Do you want to design the ultimate travel bag?

    We are currently looking for new talented interns to join our office in Amsterdam. Read the short interview with our current interns Ezra and Kari for an insight scoop to the Travelteq office.  For more open positions, click here

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  • Personalize your Travelteq bag

    Personalize your Travelteq bag

    Personalized items for the Holidays or any occasion is a gift anyone would appreciate! Starting this week, we’re offering FREE monogramming at our pop up store in Hartenstraat 36, Amsterdam when you purchase a new item. Existing customers who already own a Travelteq bag, could come by to get their initials monogrammed for 25€. Have a coffee while you wait in one of our comfy chairs, or come back in 15 minutes after the hot stamping is ready.

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  • Europe's coziest Christmas markets

    Europe's coziest Christmas markets

    Christmas is just around the corner. The streets of Amsterdam have already been decorated with Christmas lights, the "pepernoten" are for sale and it's time to plan out this year’s presents for friends and family. To get in the right mood for the festive period, what could possibly be better than sipping mulled wine in some of Europe's coziest Christmas markets? Here’s a round-up of a few of our favorites...

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  • The world’s highest top-ranking bars

    The world’s highest top-ranking bars

    Drinking top quality cocktails, vintage wine or fine barrel aged whisky is a luxury, made more luxurious still when sipped atop some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. The sky is the limit (and beyond) for these stratospheric bars that serve up delicious drinks paired with awe-inspiring views. Here’s the top of the top:

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  • Best business lunch spots: Hong Kong

    Best business lunch spots: Hong Kong

    It’s a city whose heart is a global epicenter, its skyline is infamous and money, success and innovation flows through Hong Kong as an energizing fuel. Business deals get made here like Dim Sum gets eaten (frequently), so if you stationed out in Hong Kong and need to impress and out of town client, or you're an out of town client wanting to seal that deal impressive local knowledge, here are 3 best business lunch locations in the city center.

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