Beau. A membership service for personally-crafted suits, shirts and jackets at cost.

Why buy clothes off the rack when you can have them custom made for the same price? And why pay what most others are for custom when you can get it at an even lower price? Beau, based out of a retail space on the ground floor of NYC's SoHo Grand Hotel, offers something other custom clothiers don’t—membership and unbeatable prices. Companies make their money on the mark up of each item you buy, but Beau decided to try something different by creating a custom clothing company for members. They earn money on the membership fees instead of marking up every item. $290 a year buys you unlimited manufacturing pricing on custom made suits, shirts, jackets, even tuxedos, many of which are made withHolland & Sherry fabrics. From a day at work to a wedding or black tie event, you can look your best for less than off the rack.

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