Meet our new designer... Merel

What was your last city trip?
1 month ago, I visited Antwerp with 6 good friends for a weekend full of shopping, drinks and good food.

What are your best-kept secrets for smart traveling?
Make a list of necessary items that you don’t want to forget! There are always items I forget, if I won’t write them down. The moment you think of packing something essential, pack it immediately or write it down. If you wait, you will forget.

Favorite beach destination? 
I really enjoyed the beach life in Valencia, Spain, because of the smooth transition from the urban environment into the relaxed stretched out Beach Boulevard.

Favorite cold weather destination?
Definitely Norway, because of the breathtaking fjords and the endless natural beauty.  

How do you get through a long haul flight?
Prepare yourself with lots of magazines and be sure to book a flight where you are able to watch cheesy blockbusters continuously. And never forget your headphones!

Which product can you not go without during your travels?
A thin cotton scarf is one of the most useful travel accessories. You can use it as a blanket during your flight, or as a pillow on a long bus trip. It’s also functional for sun protection on long walks in the heat, or as shoulder coverage when you are visiting religious places and you need to be dressed properly.

What is your favorite Travelteq product?
The leather tech pouch is my ultimate favorite, because I am always struggling with my charger cable and headphones. Now I’m able to neatly organize my tech accessories and carefully carry them with me.

Favorite restaurant in Amsterdam?
Louie Louie on Linaeusstraat in the East. The mixture of tasty Mexican tapas and good cocktails makes you want to spent the whole night there...

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