Meet the designers

One is Italian, the other is French. Both have worked for renowned fashion brands. Meet Marco Censi & Guillaume Hinfray, collaborating on Travelteq's next collection.

Inseparable since their chance meeting in 1990, Censi & Hinfray are one of the most influential duo of designers in Europe. And they earned it!

Not only have they become Head-of-Designers for both Men and Women shoes at Bottega Veneta and successively at Salvatore Ferragamo Women Shoes collection, they also worked with many high-end quality and fashion brands among which are: Jimmy Choo, Tod’s Group and Gianni Versace. Versatile, they are able to work in any branch of the fashion industry: clothing, of course, but also lifestyle, jewels, bags and perfumes.

Perfect blend of Italian and French haute couture, their work is known for breaking all codes. Attention to details and craftsmanship are at the heart of every pieces they design.

After collaborating with the most prestigious fashion brands, the duo agreed to work with us on our next collection. Distinctive design, functionality, quality… in short, prepared to be elevated!

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