ROK’s manually-powered espresso machine

One of the most frustrating things about ordering a caffeinated beverage is the inability to gauge just how strong your drink will be. These days, options like ROK’s manually-powered espresso machine take the guess work out of brewing the perfect cup at home. Designed and engineered in London, this sleek piece of kitchen gadgetry has two handy levers that allow its user complete control over the brewing pressure, and thereby strength, of their beverage.

Instead of using the pods and capsules that are so popular today, ROK uses good old-fashioned coffee grounds. You need only to fill the main chamber with boiling water, insert the grounds, and voila, espresso.Each machine features a die-cast aluminum construction and comes complete with a measuring spoon and detachable double-shot spout.

Purchase yours through TRNK for $199.

Source: Selectism

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