Text Your Friends Without Service or Wi-Fi

Beartooth, a Bozeman, Montana-based company, first launched its smartphone-to-two-way-radio converter back in 2014 at Disrupt SF. Back then, the device fit onto your smartphone like a case, and had an antenna that stuck out on top. It was bulky and unwieldy, to say the least. However, the company relaunched today, with a sleeker, more user-friendly interface. The device works by connecting to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. It then connects to other Beartooth devices within a two-mile radius using its well-designed app.

This is the main drawback of Beartooth, meaning that in order to use it to call or text another phone, the other person must also have, and be connected to, their Beartooth device. In order to work effectively, Beartooth essentially has to create its own network.

Source: Aquiremag

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