The Best Pasta Ever

Years ago, when I asked a friend of mine (a long-time Milan resident) for the best, most honest Italian meal in town, she made one of the best recommendations I've ever gotten.

On the small and quiet Piazza Carlo Mirabello is a restaurant that takes you back in time, called Ristorante Il Verdi. Upon entering it, the traditional Italian design makes you feel like you've been transported to a real Italian diner in the 1960's. The best trained waiters, dressed to perfection, meet you at the door to seat you.

The first thing that struck me was the hand written menu; it was not only hard to read, but many of the dishes where unfamiliar to me. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to order many different dishes, as the pricing was more than reasonable. I had 4 different types of pasta. Well, I can tell you, it was the best pasta I ever had. The texture, the sauces… they were all unique combinations and one tasted even better than the other; unbelievable. A perfect glass of the house wine and I was in heaven!

They also serve meat and fish -- perfectly cooked as well. No space for dessert, but I will be coming back… a lot! My number one in Italy!

Ristorante Il Verdi, 5 Piazza Carlo Mirabello, Milan, Italy, (+39) 26590797

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