The Monocle guide - Amsterdam

The Monocle, a magazine-turned-curator of global affairs, business, culture, and design, has just published a new addition to their travel guide series – The Monocle Guide, Amsterdam.

The guidebook reveals the cities best spots for retail, eating and drinking, as well as what to see and where to explore. They also famously feature detailed design and architecture pages that give the travel guides their unique personality. And, featured within the book under must-have Dutch design, is Travelteq, blazing the way for iconic luggage that is designed to elevate your life on the move in all it’s cognac colored leather glory.

The book is now available online through The Monocle and in store at Amsterdam’s Mendo bookstore, otherwise known as the candy store for book aficionados. Books sold at Mendo are synonymous with visual beauty and inspiration.

“This archetype of liberalism and diversity is forever reinventing itself and won’t fail to surprise first-time travellers and longtime visitors alike.” States The Monocle’s description of the city guidebook. We see Travelteq’s ethos in this statement of persistence to reinvent in the name of creativity and intelligent design, too. So, travel on with distinction.

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