The most incredible offices in the world

The trend is evolving from isolated desks in cubicle offices to innovative spaces that encourage collaboration and feature communal perks like coffee rooms, glass walled meeting rooms, cafes, lounges, and games rooms (really). Modern offices reflect the cultural shift from 9-5 clock in-clock out mentality to a fluid 24/7 work-life blend. Some of the world’s most incredible offices push design as well innovative concepts toward productivity.

Pionen White Mountain Office – Stockholm, Sweden

A space more akin to the makings of a Bond villain’s lair is actually the underground high security data center of Sweden’s largest Internet provider. The 4000 square foot subterranean space with cave walls of 16 inches, was once an anti-atomic shelter, but redesigned by architectural firm Albert France-Lanord. It features a suspended conference room, simulated day light, greenhouses, waterfalls and an enormous fish tank, epitomizing the blend between technology and design.

Palotta Teamworks – Los Angeles, USA

Transforming an old warehouse into an award winning designed office, Palotta Teamworks did so on a tight budget that, in turn, allowed more innovation when it came to design and energy conservation of the building. Clive Wilkinson Architects developed the concept of ‘breathing islands’ made up of shipping containers inside the warehouse. It’s a lively space that caters to the personality of each department within the company.

Corus Quay – Toronto, Canada

The solution of consolidating the 11 separate locations of Corus Entertainment was to create an office mecca of innovation with a new waterfront super-office at the East Bayfront precinct. The building, designed inside and out by LEED CI Gold-Targeted, boasts a 5-storey atrium, giant television screens, open working spaces and hockey-rink themed boardrooms are among the fun elements. The company continues to grow and boil it down to having the company in a unified space (and the 3-storey slide).

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