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  • Beau. A membership service for personally-crafted suits, shirts and jackets at cost.

    Beau. A membership service for personally-crafted suits, shirts and jackets at cost.

    Why buy clothes off the rack when you can have them custom made for the same price? And why pay what most others are for custom when you can get it at an even lower price? Beau, based out of a retail space on the ground floor of NYC's SoHo Grand Hotel, offers something other custom clothiers don’t—membership and unbeatable prices. Companies make their money on the mark up of each item you buy, but Beau decided to try something different by creating a custom clothing company for members. They earn money on the membership fees instead of marking up every item. $290 a year buys you unlimited manufacturing pricing on custom made suits, shirts, jackets, even tuxedos, many of which are made withHolland & Sherry fabrics. From a day at work to a wedding or black tie event, you can look your best for less than off the rack.

  • A Michelin-starred Corsica pop-up

    A Michelin-starred Corsica pop-up

    “My grandfather told me never to sell the land,” says Paul Canarelli, of the 6,000 acres he inherited on Corsica where sea, maquis (shrublands) and mountains meet, and where he now runs villa resort La Domaine de Murtoli with his wife Valérie. This summer, new traditions are being forged on the family land as Canarelli has invited the young and talented Mathieu Pacaud to take over the kitchens of Murtoli’s La Table de la Ferme restaurant and create candlelit dining experiences in the extraordinary granite-cavern setting – running from Monday July 4 to Friday September 2 and for which booking is now open.

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  • Google Ara Modular Phone

    Google Ara Modular Phone

    Google showed off their Project Ara, a modular phone concept, to the masses about a year ago. Then we waited and kinda forgot about it. Now, after much tinkering, the phone that allows you to swap out components is here. Almost. Shown off in what should be close to its final form, Ara is set to ship to developers this fall. The frame of the unique, Mondrian-looking smartphone contains six flexible slots so users can swap in the items they need. Going to be away from a charge for a while? Pop in a bigger battery. Out shooting pictures? Add a high-res camera to your rig. It’s the phone you can customize on the fly. Google is aiming to have this phone in your hand by next year, so stay tuned.

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  • Pilot Translating Earphones

    Pilot Translating Earphones

    It sounds like science fiction: the ability to converse with someone speaking a different language without needing to know it. Yet that's exactly the future Pilot Translating Earphones promise. The world's first smart earpiece to translate between people speaking different languages in real time, it comes with a second earpiece for listening to music, uses a companion app to toggle between languages, and most importantly can function offline, so you're not at the mercy of your Internet connection. European-based Romantic and Germanic languages will receive support first, with other world languages following, and adding new ones is as simple as downloading a song.

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  • The truly portable Bluetooth speaker for music and calls.

    The truly portable Bluetooth speaker for music and calls.

    You want to take your music everywhere, but most bluetooth speakers either look like garbage or don't sound any better than streaming directly from your phone. Addressing both of those common problems is the Beoplay A1 Speaker from Bang & Olufsen. B&O always take design seriously, and the A1 is no exception. It's built to last with a beautiful rounded aluminum grill and double-molded polymer base. It also packs great sound dispersion wherever you take it and is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. It has a battery life that lasts up to 24 hours, and even has a built-in microphone for making calls, giving you the freedom to pull off a conference call poolside.

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  • What's It Like In Space?

    What's It Like In Space?

    For most of us, the frame of reference about space we have is limited to movies and TV. But with What's It Like in Space?: Stories from Astronauts Who've Been There, we have an opportunity to gain access to some specific facts about space from dozens of international astronauts. The stories range from hilarious to inspirational and each one comes with a fun illustration as well. Hear from astronauts about quirky things like backwards dreams, the tricks of sleeping in zero gravity, and how in space no one can hear you burp. Great conversation fodder for space junkies that should help satisfy some of our many curiosities.

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  • Mercedes Benz Classic Car Travel

    Mercedes Benz Classic Car Travel

    You don't have to drive on vacation. But if you're the type that wants to get behind the wheel on holiday, Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Travel is a fantastic option. Traveling in a small group with a local guide and service team, you'll hop behind the wheel of a vintage Mercedes-Benz SL, cruising along some of Europe's best roads before returning to your five-star accommodations for dinner. Currently available in Tuscany or the Côte d'Azur, it beats trying to track down a vintage ride and hoping it doesn't break down while you're in a foreign land.

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  • Moleskine Smart Writing Set

    Moleskine Smart Writing Set

    Yes, Moleskine has created "smart" notebooks before — but those have generally required snapping a photo of the page with your phone, or buying an expensive add-on. The Moleskine Smart Writing Set finally gets it right, pairing a real-world notebook with an intelligent app and pen. The notebook, called the Paper Tablet, has an invisible grid that lets the app know where you are on the page and in the notebook, and has extended rounded edges to recall the curves of an electronic tablet. The pen is powered by Neo technology, and uses a hidden camera as a digitizer, transferring the data wirelessly to the Moleskine Notes App and giving you a digital copy of every sketch, note, doodle, and stroke.

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  • Best lightweight laptops by Gear Patrol

    Best lightweight laptops by Gear Patrol

    Though the tablet’s stolen a bit of the laptop’s thunder, true productivity hounds know that getting stuff done still happens more effortlessly on the latter. Today, laptop users enjoy the twin perks of thin and powerful devices, and with modern, svelte designs, outstanding battery life and sinking price tags, the lightweight laptop’s entering its golden age.

    If your laptop happens to be entering its golden years, look to these new, shiny, skinny power players. The current crop of laptops offer ultralight, ultra-potent computing that cranks with even the most demanding key tappers.

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  • Reflex smartphone

    Reflex smartphone

    There's no question flexible screens are coming. But there is some debate on how they'll be used. The Reflex Smartphone suggests that bending be merged with multi-touch to give phones more input methods. Built using a 720 Flexible OLED screen from LG powered by Android 4.4, the Reflex accepts traditional touch input, but also uses bend sensors behind the display to sense the force you're using to bend the screen and respond accordingly. When used in conjunction with a voice coil that produces highly-detailed vibrations, the phone is able to simulate real-world actions like flipping through the pages of a book or pulling back a rubber band to fling a supernatural bird at some fort-building pigs. It was developed by the Human Media Lab at Queen's University, and while it's currently just a proof-of-concept, the Lab expects similar features to appear in consumer products in less than five years.

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