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  • Mercedes Benz Classic Car Travel

    Mercedes Benz Classic Car Travel

    You don't have to drive on vacation. But if you're the type that wants to get behind the wheel on holiday, Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Travel is a fantastic option. Traveling in a small group with a local guide and service team, you'll hop behind the wheel of a vintage Mercedes-Benz SL, cruising along some of Europe's best roads before returning to your five-star accommodations for dinner. Currently available in Tuscany or the Côte d'Azur, it beats trying to track down a vintage ride and hoping it doesn't break down while you're in a foreign land.

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  • Moleskine Smart Writing Set

    Moleskine Smart Writing Set

    Yes, Moleskine has created "smart" notebooks before — but those have generally required snapping a photo of the page with your phone, or buying an expensive add-on. The Moleskine Smart Writing Set finally gets it right, pairing a real-world notebook with an intelligent app and pen. The notebook, called the Paper Tablet, has an invisible grid that lets the app know where you are on the page and in the notebook, and has extended rounded edges to recall the curves of an electronic tablet. The pen is powered by Neo technology, and uses a hidden camera as a digitizer, transferring the data wirelessly to the Moleskine Notes App and giving you a digital copy of every sketch, note, doodle, and stroke.

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  • Best lightweight laptops by Gear Patrol

    Best lightweight laptops by Gear Patrol

    Though the tablet’s stolen a bit of the laptop’s thunder, true productivity hounds know that getting stuff done still happens more effortlessly on the latter. Today, laptop users enjoy the twin perks of thin and powerful devices, and with modern, svelte designs, outstanding battery life and sinking price tags, the lightweight laptop’s entering its golden age.

    If your laptop happens to be entering its golden years, look to these new, shiny, skinny power players. The current crop of laptops offer ultralight, ultra-potent computing that cranks with even the most demanding key tappers.

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  • Reflex smartphone

    Reflex smartphone

    There's no question flexible screens are coming. But there is some debate on how they'll be used. The Reflex Smartphone suggests that bending be merged with multi-touch to give phones more input methods. Built using a 720 Flexible OLED screen from LG powered by Android 4.4, the Reflex accepts traditional touch input, but also uses bend sensors behind the display to sense the force you're using to bend the screen and respond accordingly. When used in conjunction with a voice coil that produces highly-detailed vibrations, the phone is able to simulate real-world actions like flipping through the pages of a book or pulling back a rubber band to fling a supernatural bird at some fort-building pigs. It was developed by the Human Media Lab at Queen's University, and while it's currently just a proof-of-concept, the Lab expects similar features to appear in consumer products in less than five years.

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  • Arc 3D-Printed Bicycle

    Arc 3D-Printed Bicycle

    Designed and built by a group of four Dutch college students as part of a three-month research project, the Arc 3D-Printed Bicycle is a great example of the technology's potential. The students partnered with Amsterdam-based MX3D to utilize their printing process, which uses articulated robot arms to print structures in mid-air, thus allowing for far larger objects to be made than with a traditional printer. While the spider-like frame of the bike could bring weight savings in the future, the current prototype weighs roughly the same as a normal bike, with a fixed gear configuration and off-the-shelf fork, handlebars, and seat.

  • How To Make A Nation

    How To Make A Nation

    Plenty of people have built homes, lives, and businesses. Few have built great countries. How To Make A Nation: A Monocle Guide takes a look at the qualities you'd want in an ideal country, from a global perspective. Encompassing everything from education and diplomacy to culture and community, this interesting 400-page read provides some much-needed food for thought as we set about choosing a new leader for our own nation this fall.

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  • Morgan 3 Goes Electric

    Morgan 3 Goes Electric

    An icon of British motoring, the mighty Morgan 3-Wheeler steps into the future with an all-electric model called the EV3. Just like the Morgans before it, the EV3 stays true to the brand's heritage of hand-built cars with a carbon hood, tonneau cover, and side pods that are placed over an ash wood frame by hand.

    The design of the EV3 is inspired by aero-engine racers and classic motorcycles from the '30s, an influence that creates a sleek, almost steampunk-like aesthetic. The electric engine will get the car from 0-60 in nine seconds and it will reach a top speed of 90+ mph. As for range, you'll be able to manage a very impressive 150 miles on a single charge.

  • Text Your Friends Without Service or Wi-Fi

    Text Your Friends Without Service or Wi-Fi

    Beartooth, a Bozeman, Montana-based company, first launched its smartphone-to-two-way-radio converter back in 2014 at Disrupt SF. Back then, the device fit onto your smartphone like a case, and had an antenna that stuck out on top. It was bulky and unwieldy, to say the least. However, the company relaunched today, with a sleeker, more user-friendly interface. The device works by connecting to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. It then connects to other Beartooth devices within a two-mile radius using its well-designed app.

    This is the main drawback of Beartooth, meaning that in order to use it to call or text another phone, the other person must also have, and be connected to, their Beartooth device. In order to work effectively, Beartooth essentially has to create its own network.

    Source: Aquiremag

  • A Modern Hideaway on Oslo’s Thief Island

    A Modern Hideaway on Oslo’s Thief Island

    Despite the Nordic world's reputation for modern design, much of what you actually find in a city like Oslo conforms to a subdued 19th-century bourgeois style. But The Thief is different. It's a contemporary design hotel in an eye-catching building on Tjuvholmen, or Thief Island — which accounts for the name — in a neighborhood where all the buildings are unapologetically modern. It's modestly sized, just over 100 rooms, quietly stylish, and very thoughtful and civilized, as you'd (rightly) expect from Norway. It's full of artworks and furniture by famous Norwegian and foreign designers. In the summer, the rooftop is comfortable.

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  • Leica X-U Camera

    Leica X-U Camera

    You're not going to mistake it for one of the company's vintage rangefinders, but the Leica X-U Camera can do several things those can't — like shoot underwater. Developed in collaboration with Audi Design, this 16.5 megapixel APS-C shooter is waterproof down to 49 feet, and is also shockproof and sealed against dust. It achieves this by pairing its CMOS sensor with a fixed f/1.7 23mm lens, and by placing the rear buttons underneath the anti-slip thermoplastic elastomer coating that covers the majority of the body. Other features include a 3-inch monitor, built-in flash, and a dedicated underwater mode.

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