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  • Text Your Friends Without Service or Wi-Fi

    Text Your Friends Without Service or Wi-Fi

    Beartooth, a Bozeman, Montana-based company, first launched its smartphone-to-two-way-radio converter back in 2014 at Disrupt SF. Back then, the device fit onto your smartphone like a case, and had an antenna that stuck out on top. It was bulky and unwieldy, to say the least. However, the company relaunched today, with a sleeker, more user-friendly interface. The device works by connecting to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. It then connects to other Beartooth devices within a two-mile radius using its well-designed app.

    This is the main drawback of Beartooth, meaning that in order to use it to call or text another phone, the other person must also have, and be connected to, their Beartooth device. In order to work effectively, Beartooth essentially has to create its own network.

    Source: Aquiremag

  • A Modern Hideaway on Oslo’s Thief Island

    A Modern Hideaway on Oslo’s Thief Island

    Despite the Nordic world's reputation for modern design, much of what you actually find in a city like Oslo conforms to a subdued 19th-century bourgeois style. But The Thief is different. It's a contemporary design hotel in an eye-catching building on Tjuvholmen, or Thief Island — which accounts for the name — in a neighborhood where all the buildings are unapologetically modern. It's modestly sized, just over 100 rooms, quietly stylish, and very thoughtful and civilized, as you'd (rightly) expect from Norway. It's full of artworks and furniture by famous Norwegian and foreign designers. In the summer, the rooftop is comfortable.

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  • Leica X-U Camera

    Leica X-U Camera

    You're not going to mistake it for one of the company's vintage rangefinders, but the Leica X-U Camera can do several things those can't — like shoot underwater. Developed in collaboration with Audi Design, this 16.5 megapixel APS-C shooter is waterproof down to 49 feet, and is also shockproof and sealed against dust. It achieves this by pairing its CMOS sensor with a fixed f/1.7 23mm lens, and by placing the rear buttons underneath the anti-slip thermoplastic elastomer coating that covers the majority of the body. Other features include a 3-inch monitor, built-in flash, and a dedicated underwater mode.

    Source: Uncrate

  • Once in a Lifetime Vol. 2

    Once in a Lifetime Vol. 2

    An unexpected voyage in itself, ‘Once in a Lifetime Vol. 2’ is a book about fascinating destinations that was released by Gestalten in August 2015. Co-edited by the renowned travel journalist Clara Le Fort, the book takes the reader down a visual road where wanderlust is cultivated by unexpected architecture, hidden interiors and bold details. Its beautiful images are accompanied by small texts that offer simple and unpretentious descriptions of different lodges, hotels and locations, divided in five sections: Exploring culture, estates, cities, nature and finally, yourself.

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  • Manned Drone

    Manned Drone

    Forget autonomous cars — if you really need to get somewhere in a hurry without bothering to pilot yourself, you need an Ehang Manned Drone. This autonomous aerial vehicle can carry you and a small bag short distances in comfort and safety. An all-electric, fully-redundant system ensures that if any of the four-armed craft's eight propellers stop working, it can still get you back down on the ground safely. It takes off and lands vertically, has a maximum height of over 1,500 feet, and can run for up to 23 minutes at 62 mph. It's cabin is built using a composite material with carbon fiber and epoxy, while other components are crafted from an aluminum alloy, and you control the entire thing via a touchscreen interface that's as simple as dropping a couple pins on Google Maps. It's currently in testing, but Ehang has every intention of bringing it to market, so we'll probably see one flying around long before we lay eyes upon an airborne DeLorean.

    Source: Uncrate

  • The end of Jet Lags

    The end of Jet Lags

    If you hate jet lag, you’ll love this bit of news. Airbus and Qatar Airways have teamed up to unveil a series of carbon fiber airplanes designed to actually prevent jet lag, leaving passengers fresh and ready to go upon landing at another time zone. It does this with its interior LED lighting and temperature control systems that change throughout the flight, carefully and properly adjusting your body clock. Pretty neat if you think about it.

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  • 10 Museums Every Guy Should Visit

    10 Museums Every Guy Should Visit

    Museums serve an important role in society. They chronicle human beings’ ability to create, innovate, and flourish. Like most things in life, we like to take a well-rounded approach and have provided museums that focus on history, art, and adventure. These are 10 museums we think every guy should visit.

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  • 7 Hot Cocktails to Warm You up This Winter

    7 Hot Cocktails to Warm You up This Winter

    Let’s face it, Indian summer is officially over. Halloween is firmly in the rearview and the holidays are finally upon us. This means colder weather (snow for many), family gatherings and numerous reasons to warm up with alcohol-fueled hot cocktails. These seven hot cocktails contain many holiday flavors including maple syrup, cider, cinnamon and allspice and come from bars from New York to San Diego. Cheers to warming up (with help from booze) this holiday season!

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  • Journey with Belmond

    Journey with Belmond

    Every time you travel, you leave the house hopeful that the stars align and everything goes smoothly. When on a journey with Belmond, you don't have to hope. They use their insider expertise, and their collection of hotels, trains and river cruises to create itineraries that include transportation, accommodations and activities guaranteed to delight. Varying in length from 1-3 nights to over 10, exciting adventures are ready to be booked from the mountains of Machu Picchu to the canals of Venice and most interesting places in between.

    Source: Uncrate

  • The Vanishing North

    The Vanishing North

    The arctic, and in particular the North Pole, represents some of the last true wilderness on Earth. It's also in serious peril. It's with these two themes in mind that Arctica: The Vanishing North takes you on a journey through this pristine locale. Author Sebastian Copeland, who also happens to be the photographer as well as an accomplished polar explorer and activist, provides a perspective of the pole's beauty, charm, and current predicament that could only come from someone who's not only been there, but obviously cares a great deal about its future.

    source: Uncrate

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