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  • 7 Hot Cocktails to Warm You up This Winter

    7 Hot Cocktails to Warm You up This Winter

    Let’s face it, Indian summer is officially over. Halloween is firmly in the rearview and the holidays are finally upon us. This means colder weather (snow for many), family gatherings and numerous reasons to warm up with alcohol-fueled hot cocktails. These seven hot cocktails contain many holiday flavors including maple syrup, cider, cinnamon and allspice and come from bars from New York to San Diego. Cheers to warming up (with help from booze) this holiday season!

    Check them out here Cool Material

  • Journey with Belmond

    Journey with Belmond

    Every time you travel, you leave the house hopeful that the stars align and everything goes smoothly. When on a journey with Belmond, you don't have to hope. They use their insider expertise, and their collection of hotels, trains and river cruises to create itineraries that include transportation, accommodations and activities guaranteed to delight. Varying in length from 1-3 nights to over 10, exciting adventures are ready to be booked from the mountains of Machu Picchu to the canals of Venice and most interesting places in between.

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  • The Vanishing North

    The Vanishing North

    The arctic, and in particular the North Pole, represents some of the last true wilderness on Earth. It's also in serious peril. It's with these two themes in mind that Arctica: The Vanishing North takes you on a journey through this pristine locale. Author Sebastian Copeland, who also happens to be the photographer as well as an accomplished polar explorer and activist, provides a perspective of the pole's beauty, charm, and current predicament that could only come from someone who's not only been there, but obviously cares a great deal about its future.

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  • Shopping with the Briefcase Original Black

    Shopping with the Briefcase Original Black

    With the recent launch of our Black collection we thought it would be nice to make another shopping inspiration with some beautiful products.

    Bag: Briefcase Original Black
    Coat: Kilgour Alpaca-blend
    Suit: Brunelli Cucinelli
    Shoes: J.M. Weston Flore leather Oxford shoes
    Shirt: Canali
    Pocket Square: Tom Ford
    Sunglass: Persol
    Belt: Lanvin
    Cufflinks: Lanvin
    Watch: Jaeger Le Coultre

  • The World's 22 Most Incredible Private Islands

    The World's 22 Most Incredible Private Islands

    If what you want is utter seclusion and perfect peace, in a location off-limits to everyone but the resort staff and a few other guests, then a private island is the only place to go. Here are our favourites from around the world, curated by Conde Nast Traveller.

    Click here for the list.

  • ROK’s manually-powered espresso machine

    ROK’s manually-powered espresso machine

    One of the most frustrating things about ordering a caffeinated beverage is the inability to gauge just how strong your drink will be. These days, options like ROK’s manually-powered espresso machine take the guess work out of brewing the perfect cup at home. Designed and engineered in London, this sleek piece of kitchen gadgetry has two handy levers that allow its user complete control over the brewing pressure, and thereby strength, of their beverage.

    Instead of using the pods and capsules that are so popular today, ROK uses good old-fashioned coffee grounds. You need only to fill the main chamber with boiling water, insert the grounds, and voila, espresso.Each machine features a die-cast aluminum construction and comes complete with a measuring spoon and detachable double-shot spout.

    Purchase yours through TRNK for $199.

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  • Crafted Meat

    Crafted Meat

    Food culture has changed greatly over the last 10-15 years, with people moving away from highly-processed, mass-produced meats to responsibly-raised food that's both sustainable and delicious. Crafted Meat: The New Meat Culture: Craft and Recipes takes a look at this phenomenon from all sides, including sections on new developments, how to find the best butcher, and the differences between various cuts of meat, as well as recipes and food pairings. An interesting read for foodies and chefs alike.

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  • Shokan House

    Shokan House

    Set near a reservoir below the summit of a Catskill mountain, the Shokan Househas a glass exterior that acts as a mirror for the landscape. Underneath that shiny veneer is a two-level structure, with a vestibule, bedroom, and garage formed by the concrete foundation, and above, a lengthy, open space with a dining room, kitchen, library, and two bedrooms, all separated by walnut cabinets that match the wood and painted steel furniture. The steel, glass, concrete, ceramic tile, and wood used to build the structure are left exposed, creating a striking contrast with the surrounding natural views.

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  • Rolls-Royce Cocktail Kit

    Rolls-Royce Cocktail Kit

    Where functional luxury meets design and craft. Enter their new Cocktail hamper, an incredible limited edition designed from the ground up to complement both classic and modern cocktails. Limited to fifteen editions, everything you could possibly need for the perfect cocktail waits for you inside the American Walnut and leather-trimmed case. Inside is a variety of items including all the necessary bar tools and glassware with platinum rims.

    Source: Aquiremag

  • Palermo Tripolina Chair

    Palermo Tripolina Chair

    Its design may date back over 150 years, but it's built to last even longer than that. The Palermo Tripolina Chair has a thick vegetable-tanned saddle leather cover, dyed and stitched by hand in a small Buenos Aires workshop. Its robust wooden frame is likewise carved by hand from guindo wood and assembled with iron hardware. And the folding design lets you take its timeless style with you, whether it's to the campground, beach, or just the local park for a lazy afternoon picnic.

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