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  • The Art of Shoemaking

    The Art of Shoemaking

    Have you ever wondered how a shoe gets made? I usually just put them on and don’t think twice about it. But then I watched this video courtesy of London’sVictoria & Albert Museum, and now I realize what I’ve been missing out on.

    Watch as Foster & Son‘s bespoke shoemaker Emiko Matsuko handmakes a beautiful brown leather brogue, from start to finish. The wooden shoe mold is carefully carved, the pattern meticulously drawn and the leather detailed with care. The result is one handsome pair of brogues.

  • Floating Hotel

    Floating Hotel

    Carefully balancing tourism with a respect for the environment, this Floating Hotel concept by Salt & Water is intriguing enough to become a real attraction. It combines a central floating building with reception, restaurant, and offices with a series of individual catamarans that serve as your room. Each one can hold 2-4 adults, and allows you to explore the surrounding water at low speed while enjoying the views.

    Source: Uncrate
  • Oliver Peoples Kimono Collab

    Oliver Peoples Kimono Collab

    Oliver Peoples releases a two-frame sunwear capsule with Hosoo, “Japan’s most revered kimono textile brand.” Hosoo, a specialist in hand-woven silk with a history of over 300 years, offered OP a custom kimono fabric design to line the interior of the sunglasses.

  • Adventure Holidays for Men

    Adventure Holidays for Men

    Conde Nast Traveler comes with a very interesting list. Don't take life sitting down, head off for a spot of derring do - from biking across the Sahara to a flavour hunt in Hanoi.

  • Monocle Travel Guide

    Monocle Travel Guide

    “Monocle” knows a thing or two about travel, searching high and low across the globe for the best in design, fashion, food, retail and beyond. In a move that just makes sense, the magazine applies its accrued knowledge to a set of handy travel guides in what the staff describe as an “informed but informal” tone. With an eye for the stylish and unusual, the books gather both established and lesser-known venues ranging from well-chosen chains to small independents. Offering suggestions to cover you from morning to evening, the magazine picks restaurants, hotels, galleries, stores, makers and late-night bars all chosen by its vast team of local correspondents.

    Source: Selectism
  • Dress Like a King

    Dress Like a King

    This Monday we are celebrating King's Day in The Netherlands. We are still very proud to have our King as our ambassador. Going from each small meeting to important State visits with his Travelteq laptop bag. O fcourse you have to look good when wearing a Travelteq Laptop bag. So we made an inspiration board with our favourite products that fit the Travelteq bag of choice.

    This is the All Leather look.
  • Fatmap Ski App

    Fatmap Ski App

    Maps. Information. And killer technology. Fatmap Ski is your new skiing companion, offering ultra-high resolution 3D maps and fly-throughs, designed by skiers with details descriptions, slope gradient information, user ratings, and comments. It also brings you comprehensive resort information, the ability to pinpoint your location, stat tracking and sharing, and if you opt for the Freeride packs, freeride mapping and profiling, gradient heat maps, avalanche zone warnings, and altitude segmentation. A must-have app if you spend a lot of time on the slopes.

    Source: Uncrate
  • Space Tourism Will Happen

    Space Tourism Will Happen

    Richard Branson claimed that his Virgin Galactic would bring tourists into space within a period of 19 months. Today, this has not happened yet. However, it will happen in the near future! The technology is there, it just needs to be used in the right way.
    Buying tickets: tickets will be bought from spacelines, something similar than airline ticket sales. Funny enough, you can already apply to fly with the Virgin Galactic at this very moment! Once accepted, this will only cost you $250,000.
    What about security? Passenger checks will be required, very similar than in airports.

    Travel insurance? Sure, however for this type of travel you could be looking at something between $10,000 and $30,000.

    Are you interested in going to space, then you should read more about it right here
  • Some Spring Tips In New York

    Some Spring Tips In New York

    Spring is a beautiful period to walk around in New York City. Walking around in New York can’t get any better than with a Travelteq bag. Have a look at these great places to hang out in this city that never sleeps!

    Sleep at the Broome Hotel, a European gem hidden among the busy streets of Soho.
    Spend your Saturday surfing in NYC!
    Sip on some classy cocktails at Alameda, a classy Greenpoint spot for late-night cocktails.
    Grab a coffee, cold pressed juice, bagel or pizza at Summers in South Williamsburg.
    Shop at Kiosk, a real collector’s paradise.
    Shop at Shinola, Detroit’s newest handcrafted brand selling handmade watches, bicycles and paper goods!
    Have dinner at Estela, a bustling restaurant serving expertly crafted drinks and delicious adventurous food.

    Read more about it on Coolhunting here

  • Best Time To Buy An Airplane Ticket

    Best Time To Buy An Airplane Ticket

    We love traveling. As much as we can. When the destination of choice has been found. The search to find a suitable ticket begins. Prefarable first class and as soon as possible in the least amount of time offcourse ;). And a recent study by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation suggests there might actually be an optimal time to buy that specific airplane tickets.

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