About us

What is Travelteq?

Travelteq produces functional luxury briefcases made accessible by cutting out the middle man and selling directly to you.

Travelteq was founded in 2009 by a group of avid travellers from Amsterdam who wanted to change the travel bag industry. They challenged the norm and designed a briefcase inspired by their own travels, wishes and needs. The collection consists of timeless travel bags and accessories designed with the highest attention to age-old Italian craftsmanship and smart function. Making life of the modern (wo)man on the move easier, more comfortable and a little more beautiful. Travelteq is dedicated to offering exceptional value for money. Therefore products are sold directly to consumers.

How can you offer your products at such low prices?

We decided to cut out distributors and other retailers to avoid the high prices that other luxury brands charge. This gives us the opportunity to offer you true value without compromising on quality. We produce in the same factories as other top luxury brands like Hermes, Bally and Prada. The main difference is that they charge €1000 +, where we decided to charge €395.

Where are the bags produced?

In a small family run factory in the heart of Tuscany. Surrounded by the best Italian leather tanneries.

Product information

How are your products made?

All products are made by hand by our craftsman in our Italian workshop.

What materials do you use?

For our bags and accessories we use vegetable tanned Florentine Vacchetta leather in combination with nylon or canvas.

Vegetable tanned Florentine Vacchetta is colored with only natural materials. This gives the leather a unique look. Over the years the leather will age beautifully and show the story of the travels made by the markings and scratches. Because of the natural tanning process the color of each bag may vary. Also you will sometimes see some color difference in the bag. This is al natural and part of how the leather comes.Also don’t leave your bag against a window with the full son on it. This will cause color fading.

The nylon that we use is Limonta nylon from the North of Italy. They are worlds number one producer of nylon. The quality is highly durable and water resistant. For our Inside Out products (more nylon than leather), we use specially rubberized nylon. This make the bags stronger and help it keep its shape.

The canvas we use is highly durable and beautifully colored into pure colors. Also from the North of Italy.

Does my laptop fit your bags?

All our Briefcases will fit laptops with 15 inch (39 cm) screens. This is the screen diagonal. The maximum laptop width that fits is 38 cm.

How do I treat the leather of my laptop bag?

Don’t use any cream or oil. In case of staining, use a dry cloth and rub hard. Each half year you can rub your bag with pure olive oil. This may take care of some dry spots. Usually this is not even necessary.

Will the color of the leather change?

Yes, due to the vegetable processing the leather will change with time and become darker.

Is my laptop bag water resistant?

The laptop bags with all leather or nylon lining are strongly water resistant. Biking through Amsterdam for years and never one drop of water in the bag