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Architect Benjamin Oliver builds off the remains of an old barn for his first architectural project, The Hebron Home. Preserving the original exterior and found interior objects inside the original Hebron, CT barn house, Oliver stays true to the legacy of the space while added industrial elements that add to its rugged contemporary aesthetic. From the wooden post and lintel in the naturally illuminated brick exposed modern kitchen, to the mooring rope-tied light bulb chandelier hanging above an all concrete and glass staircase, the Hebron Home delivers equilibrium to the new and the old.

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This is one of those restaurants where you have it all: unique interior, great staff, good food, and the perfect late-night atmosphere. Located in the heart of Soho London, this old butcher shop has become one of the city's hotspots over the past year. It is mostly famous for its seafood, so we ordered the fish soup, which was delicious. Then came a fresh platter of fruits de mer accompanied by a nice bottle of white wine. What more could you wish for? If you are only two, I would suggest to take a seat by the window. In the summer it is opened onto the street, so you can enjoy the energy of Soho while eating like a king.

Adres 14-16 Brewer Street Soho London
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Meet Suzanna, our intern here at Travelteq. She shows us her daily travel essentials, kept organized by her Lauren bag. She’s a classic lit lover so she never goes anywhere without a good book. Never not chilly; she usually has a cozy scarf to rug up in. She also forgets things easily so a notebook and pen is always on hand. In addition: a variety of lip products (a girl’s got to have options), a magazine, and a Swiss Army Knife just for good measure. Thanks Suzanna!

The Savvy Traveler

Best tip for traveling on a budget?
My guilty pleasure is clothes shopping! As long as I don’t do too much of that abroad, especially at stores that I can find back home, I can manage to keep to a good budget.

Favorite beach destination? Favorite cold weather destination?
Bali! Actually, lots of places in Southeast Asia. Also, not your traditional beach destination but St. Andrews, where I went to University, has the most beautiful beach scenery ever! Although it’s cold and windy, you can’t beat the view.

Top tips for getting through a long haul flight?
7 hours or less I can usually power through with a book, good movie options, and lots of water. Anything longer than that I need a neck pillow and sleep to stand it.

Treat Yourself:

What items do you splurge on?
Makeup/skincare in general.

How do you unwind after a long day?
I have to commute from The Hague to Amsterdam, so more of my after-work routine is spent getting home than I’d like to admit. If it’s a nice day I like to walk back to the station. Then on the train a get a little pre-home unwinding in by reading a book or listening to music. When I arrive in The Hague I hop on my bike and go home. It’s nice to get that little bit of exercise in too without really trying. At home I spend some time with my boyfriend, let him cook me something yummy, catch up on whatever show I’m watching, shower and pamper, and get to sleep early if I have work the next day.

Favorite shopping spot in Amsterdam? Eating spot?
I love shopping in Amsterdam! I think this city has such a unique fashion culture and you can always find new, cool, little stores. I love the “concept stores” all over the city where you can get clothes, interior items, pretty much anything the owner likes and wants to sell. It is always a well-presented mish-mash of really cool things. There is also so much good vintage shopping. For food, my favorite place to go is Genki Garden on the Reguliersdwarsstraat. I love sushi, and this place has the most charming little garden out the back where you can eat.

What's inside Suzanna's bag:

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Almost every child has dreamed of having a treehouse. Some were lucky enough to have one, and some still haven’t lost this dream even if they are grown ups now. So what is it so fascinating about having a shelter up in the trees? Freedom, harmony with nature, wilderness, and most importantly – no rules. From the tiniest uneven constructions to the most magnificent mansions – every treehouse is perfect. Take a look at this collection of the most impressive pieces from all over the world and tell me you don’t want one!

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Indian company Lucid Design has created a conceptual "bike in a bag" that would quickly dismantle into parts to fit into a backpack.

The Kit Bike by Lucid Design would be assembled from a series of 21 parts that twist and lock together. "Conventional bikes are awkward in every way except when you ride them," the company's creative director Amit Mirchandani told Dezeen. "The Kit Bike was designed to make problems of shipping, traveling with and commuting with a bike, a thing of the past."

Hollow aluminium tubes would make up the frame, locking together via a series of joints that would twist together using a rotating mechanism and be secured with a key. "The entire bike can be assembled or dismantled from one side making the process extremely simple and quick," said Mirchandani. The minimal white diamond-shaped frame would attach to the steel wheel hubs on one side, so the bike could be assembled or disassembled while rested against a wall. "It's simple, minimal and cool, unlike folding bikes that tend to be complex," Mirchandani said.

Leather is proposed for the seat and the handlebar grips would be made from cork. The parts would pack away into a circular leather backpack, which features two compartments on each side for the wheels and a central compartment for the other components. Lucid Design currently has no plans to produce the bike, but may consider it in the future.

The project received a Red Dot 2014 Design Award earlier this month.

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