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We all are craving for some sun at the moment. To get you some inspiration and dream away with your thoughts, we provide you our ultimate travel bucket list! There are enough corners around the world untouched by the jet set, where culture remains authentic.

Dive through shipwrecks and discover new species on the Islands in the Great Barrier Reef

Head towards the Caribbean to spot humpback whales between the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos.

Take a helicopter ride above Icelandic volcanoes and swim in geothermal rivers.

Explore secret islands in the Caribbean by boat.

Enjoy the snorkelling through clear blue waters in Fiji

Reported by Valerie de Jong (2015-02-26 11:17:02)

If you are in love with spectacular modern architecture, then this is the place to be for you! There is no better time than now to his towards the snow! Made from glass and black-painted larch, this beautiful rectangular house consists of a big balcony where you can catch the sun! The interior is made of flagstone and wooden floors, felt-covered sofas, and a beautiful open fireplace! Not to forget, All you want to do after a long day of skiing is relax and take a warm bath, this is all possible since the house has a beautiful Philippe Starck bathtub! Get ready and enjoy something unexpected in Piesendorf, near Zell Am Zee!

Reported by Valerie de Jong (2015-02-26 11:01:33)

One of our favourite cars is definitely the Jaguar E-Type Type 3. A reason for this is that it was an icon in the racing sport back in the days. However, browsing the web we found a new favourite racing monster, a real classic.

This 1955 Jaguar D-Type is a mean machine. It is powered by the original 300hp inline six-cylinder engine and four-speed manual transmission, and also features the original chassis, body, and brake calipers (aka widow makers). Restored in 2003 by CKL Developments, it was featured in Jaguar World Monthly as the subject of a five-part series, and has multiple in-period 1st place finishes under its belt, making it a piece in both the motoring and the racing history.

Reported by Tijn Benedek (2015-02-24 12:43:32)

A beautiful secret spot in Barbados. Islanders travel miles to the old seaside fort in the fishing village of Shermans to eat at this hotel's restaurant, The Fish Pot. The most sought-after seats in the house are those overlooking the sea, particularly at sunset when you can order lobster, grilled prawns and mahi-mahi while watching the sky slowly turn from fuchsia to mauve. But not many regulars have cottoned on to the New England-style, sea-facing wooden cottages in the lush tropical gardens (there are also a handful of suites above the restaurant). Each has a wraparound veranda, a fully equipped kitchen and a light, airy living room filled with books and Barbadian designs.

Reported by Tijn Benedek (2015-02-19 16:24:09)

Dom’Up is a fun and cozy treehouse tent retreat. The Dom’Up only needs two trees for support and takes two full days to install and can be left up for a few years. The idea behind it is to use the inner space of the forest with this innovative treehouse by not leaving any trace or impact on its surrounding environment and trees. It’s perfect for an adventurous holiday and to get back to nature. Adventure goes hand-in-hand with the right travel gear of course! Have a look at our beautiful nature colored Trash Inside Out New Green bag.

Reported by Valerie de Jong (2015-02-18 14:20:36)