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Starting with a bathymetric chart (the underwater equivalent of a topographic map), the contours are laser-cut into sheets of Baltic birch and glued together to create a powerful visual depth. Select layers are hand-colored blue so it's easy to discern land from water, major byways are etched into the land, then the whole thing's framed in a custom, solid-wood frame and protected seamlessly with a sheet of durable, ultra-transparent Plexiglas.

The result is stunning. It lifts the surface of the water back like a veil, exposing the often-overlooked, under-explored, awe-inspiring world that lies below. To those familiar with the floor of the ocean or the bed of a lake, it's a beautiful reminder of the deep channels, sharp drop-offs, and mountainous landscapes that are otherwise hidden from view. To the uninitiated, it's wonderfully eye-opening; as though the world has suddenly taken on a fourth dimension.

Reported by Tijn Benedek (2014-12-05 14:50:19)

If you love watches just as we do you are going to like Watchville. It's a new app from watch enthusiast and entrepreneur Kevin Rose whose North Technologies studio created the app which aggregates all the latest watch news from all the big watch sites in one easy to ready place.

The app currently gets its news from sites like Hodinkee, aBlogToWatch, Watchtime, Haute Time, and more. It also features an atomic clock tool so you can set your precisely set your watch and it also displays UTC, Leap Year, and even moon phases. The app is currently available for iOS.

And your watch need a good roll as well..

Reported by Tijn Benedek (2014-12-05 14:26:41)

James Bond films are not just about martinis, car chases and beautiful, accommodating women who are also martial-arts experts. The dramatic, sweeping shots of iconic scenery and far-flung destinations are also a trademark of the films, from the vertiginous heights of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro to a floating palace in Udaipur, and the impossibly lovely beach in Jamaica where Ursula Andress emerged from the sea in that bikini.

Reported by Tijn Benedek (2014-12-05 14:21:05)

With cutting-edge commentary, long-form articles and fresh thinking from the Monocle editorial team, The Forecast is a new annual packed with key insights into the year ahead. They’ve commissioned a range of correspondents, business minds, historians, urbanists and diplomats to offer their views on everything from balance-shifting defence systems to fresh benchmarks in city planning. With presentation paramount, The Forecast’s mix of assessments, photo essays, illustrated portfolios and reportage are put together across more than 240 pages of fine Finnish paper to provide an essential companion for 2015.

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JW Marriott has announced its first Italian hotel, set for a March 2015 opening in Venice. We’re excited to see this high-end but reasonably priced Marriott brand expand into European resorts, and the details coming out for this one seem particularly promising.

The 266-room property will offer a lagoon location on its own private island, offering views of St. Mark’s Square and La Serenissima.

Isola delle Rose (Rose Island) has been thoughtfully renovated, incorporating sustainable and modern design to the historic building. Rooms, while simply decorated with locally made bricks and glass and tiles reflecting the region’s artisans, offer some luxe touches as well — private pools, anyone?

With over 16 acres to explore, there’s much to see. Take in landscaped spots for quiet contemplation, as well as fruit arbors, olive groves and cultivated plots to provide fresh ingredients for the property’s diverse food and drink offerings, including four restaurants and five bars and a cooking school and wine academy.

Reported by Tijn Benedek (2014-11-26 10:54:36)