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If you’re looking to unplug on your next vacation, you could stay at a quaint bed and breakfast filled with doilies and wicker, or you could trek out to Scotland to stay in The Beermoth. The converted 1956 Fire Service truck is now a small living space complete with oak parquet flooring, a hearth and kitchen for cooking and for heat, and a rugged appeal that won’t be matched. The side panel can be rolled up so you can take in a bit of nature from the comfort of your bed or relax at night with the breeze and a bottle of Scotch. At around $100 per night, it’s the way to take in the Scottish countryside.


Reported by Tijn Benedek (2014-04-11 12:12:15)

The ROK Espresso Maker is a non-electric method of making amazing espresso; choose your coffee blend, play with the grind, apply the pressure.

It doesn’t quite produce the espresso that a professional machine with a steam boiler could however it comes mightily close. As a general rule it requires 8 – 10 bar of pressure to extract all the flavour when making coffee to produce a ‘full fat’ espresso. The ROK can achieve this through manual and variable pressure and this where others, mechanical or otherwise, fail.

The ROK is easy to use and clean and once you have experimented with grinds and pressure you can create lovely crema. No more wasteful pods and coffee blends that are average at best.

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A traditional sailing boat that once carried cargos of spices across Indonesia is now available for couples to charter – at a cost of £17,000 a week. Boasting a private chef, a spa therapist, and decked out with antiques and art, Alexa is a luxurious two-masted vessel made for just two people. With one 31-metre cabin, the motor sailor is Incrediblue’s newest addition, and is now available for explorations around the Indonesian Archipelago.

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Noma was named "Best Restaurant in the World" for three consecutive years by Restaurant Magazine, so obviously, expectations were high. We went as a family in honor of our mother's 60th birthday. Upon arriving at the restaurant, located in the industrial area outside the city centre of Copenhagen, we were greeted immediately by the entire staff before even entering.

The atmosphere was just right: beautiful design and perfect lighting. The staff were all extremely kind, knowledgable, and passionate, taking the time to answer any questions. It must have been a challenge serving 20 dishes and accompanying wines, but they showed no stress whatsoever. We were in for a 20 course surprise dinner -- and a surprise it was.

All ingredients were fresh and local and used for unique cooking techniques and food combinations. At the end of the meal we had the opportunity to tour the production kitchen and the invention kitchen where chefs experiment with new dishes year round. My personal favorite of the 20 dishes was the chestnut with trout roe and the sea urchin and duck skin. Both were total flavor explosions. The wines were all great fits for the dishes served, but I would never order a glass of wine separately as the tastes were very particular. All in all, a once in a lifetime experience I would not want to have missed. Just don't forget to bring a full wallet.

Adres Strandgade 93 DK-1401 Copenhagen
Phone 45 3296 3297
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We will be introducing some new products and would like to invite you to be part of a "special opportunity".

This is how it works. You tell us which bag(s) you would like to order. We will then offer these bags at half their regular price. Of this new price, you pay half when you make the purchase and half when it is delivered to you at the end of May. That comes to only one quarter of the full retail price upon each payment. We are able to offer our friends these new products at an extremely low price because we will only order exactly what you asked for. This seriously reduces waste and minimizes risk at our end.

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