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Described as “a Venetian gothic landmark” the imposing 1890s Chicago Athletic Association transforms from a swanky social club with a sporting history to an equally swanky 241-room hotel. Retaining its original name and playing on its former incarnation, Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture and design team, Roman and Williams, preserve its original character while injecting a contemporary feel, stating “our reverence for this monumental building cannot be overstated, but we want to breathe a new life into it, to care for it without treating it like a relic.”

The former private men’s club holds on to its ornate decor, traditional dark wood and heavy decorative details punctuated by colorful modern touches and playful references to its elitist past. Rooms are surprising light and airy, white walls encouraging a sense of space whilst playing backdrop to carefully chosen furnishings. Aside from multiple suites and bedrooms, the location boasts several bars and restaurants, a scenic rooftop and most impressively, a branch of the ever-popular Shake Shack remodelled in early 20th century style. Book a room at the website.

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While the industry continues to look to mass production and trend chasing, Lewis Fredericks is producing eyewear with an organic, human feel. In making its beautiful frames, the New Zealand imprint utilizes one of the strongest materials used in optics: natural horn. Many acetates you see are meant to mimic the fibrous, uneven texture of horn. Although the look can be replicated, the sheer durability and unique wear-profile of the natural material cannot be.

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If cycling feels like too much of a chore, a scooter too much of a commitment and public transport too communal then the electric bicycle may just be the solution to your transportation woes. This increasingly busy market welcomes another option in the form of the Gocycle G2 from London-based Karbon Kinetics Ltd. A recent recipient of the 2015 Red Dot prize for Product Design, former McLaren Cars engineer Richard Thorpe has brought that automative mode of thinking to this portable powered cycle. At just 16kg, the lightest in its class, the foldaway Gocycle is designed to be packed up and stored even in the most compact of spaces.

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Born from the passion of a group of friends who love art and cuisine, Pisacco is a charming restaurant and bar. It's a place characterized by a direct relationship with contemporary art: from the name (an intentional misspelling of Picasso) to the presence of important works of art in every corner of the space—restrooms included. The food is modern Italian that is simple but sophisticated.

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New York City forever defies expectations. Strolling a different street on the way from work to one's home can reveal a masked gem that's been quietly entertaining for years. One subway stop from routine might be a perfect aesthetic match for drinking and dining. Brooklyn grabs plenty of global attention, and yet it's just one borough in a city that extends beyond boroughs. While it's impossible to chronicle every great venue, we crossed the path of the following three recently—and within, we found something unique, desirable and thoughtful. Whether you're a local and need a change, or a visitor looking to venture beyond the norm, here are three options off the beaten path.

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